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Teenage Survival Kit

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The Teenage Survival Kit contains:

- Hormone Balancer - to help balance hormones. It will help when emotions are running high at this teenage stage. Things change and hormone fluctuate regularly. Is your teenager out of control, struggling with period pain, irregular periods and PMT, hormonal headaches, pimples and issues of self worth, then you can use this remedy daily.

- Tartar Remover - to help to strengthen and whiten teeth. This remedy has also shown great use in improving the health of gums. Relieve - to help release and heal injury to any part of the body. Use this remedy in water bottles to help with sports aches and strains, also helps with growing pain.

- Stress Relief - to Calm and relieve stress as well as to assist sleep. Perfect for exam time when the mind often refuses to shut down and allow proper rest. Great for calming the whole body in stressful situations - crowds, storms, when traveling, etc.

- Exam remedy - to help with nerves before exams, sports games, anything where you are required to be relaxed but still perform. It's great to take during study periods prior to exams as it keeps the mind alert and focused. Skin tonic - to help with acne, bites, stings and rashes. Use this remedy internally or you can dilute and use as a topical skin tonic.

- Skin Tonic - Skin tonic to help with acne, bites, stings and rashes. Can be used internally or added to a bath.

- Sports Recovery - the "Sports Recovery" will help take the shock out of your body, repair any muscle and tendon damage and help your body to rehydrate after fluid loss.
this remedy is suitable for all ages,
and is completely chemical and drug free thereby allowing recovery without any drug testing issues.
also suitable for sports animals – horses, dogs, etc.

This kit was designed in conjunction with our 13 year old son. These are the remedies he was using regularly to help him with the day to day stresses of life. It's a wonderful 6 remedy kit that your teen will be reaching for regularly. Being a teenager is never easy but this kit can quickly release many of the stresses of life.
Please see individual remedies for full descriptions.
Individual remedies also available.