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Tartar Release

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Have you ever struggled with a dental tooth clean? It can be quite uncomfortable, especially if you have years of build up on your teeth.

And have you ever had to have your dog, cat or horse put under general anesthetic just to have their teeth cleaned.

Our Tartar release {one of our biggest selling products} gently releases tartar from the teeth and under the gums. Teeth become naturally clean but more than that, clearing the load from under the gums makes them beautifully healthy and less inclined to gum disease and tooth decay.

Using this remedy daily will improve the oral health of your whole family.

Feedback from clients:

Just wanted to say the Tartar Release I bought for my cats and dogs worked such a treat. I see major improvement on their teeth especially on Liberty Belle (deaf ACD). She a rescue dog, 6.5 years old with horrendous teeth. She lost some of them, the bottom canines are filed all the way down and the top looks filed down too. The rest didn't look too good and her gums used to be pale and teeth are full of plaque.

Since I give her the Tartar release, even the plaque are reduced to minimal amount! Her teeth almost looks pearly white as well.

Will definitely be buying them again for everyday use. Thank you! I say thanks to the day I accidentally stumbled on your website.

They have since been worm treated using your product as well.

..we have saved about 600 per cat and dog, your product just saved me 3600! I started using it on myself too but thought the cats and dogs needed it more.