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Image of Scours

Scours is the most common symptom of illness in calves that are one month old. Scours can often be discoloured white, yellow or grey and sometimes even blood-stained. It is most commonly in hand-reared calves though, it can occur in calves that are being suckled by their mother.

Scours is most commonly caused by viruses (rotavirus), protozoa (cryptosporidia and coccidia), and bacteria (salmonella and E. coli). Older calves can be affected by internal parasites (worms).

Scours cause:
- Diarrhoea
- Damage to the lining of the bowl
- Large amounts of body fluid in the gut
- Dehydration
- Unbalanced electrolytes
- Depletion of energy
- Shock
- Sunken eyes
- Minimal/no elasticity in the skin
- Gums sticky
- Minimal motor abilities
- Depression
- Death

This remedy is extremely effective in aiding and treating scours along with rehydrating the body, rebalancing the electrolyte and supplying energy back into the calf. It will also assist the calf in coping with the emotional trauma as to not hinder its potential productivity.

50ml Sprayer