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Abscess Remedy

Image of Abscess Remedy

This remedy can be used to treat an abscess on any part of the body. We recommend extreme care when treating abscess close to the eyes. This remedy will be of benefit in treating rickets and mastitis.

We use this remedy for releasing all types of unknown lumps and bumps. It will push out a foreign object like a grass seed in no time at all, removing the necessity of surgery.

This is a constitutional remedy of importance in stock, characterised by bony deformities and gait abnormalities. The animal stands and moves with a very angular and bony appearance. Elbows produce, joints are large and the back drops. It is the picture of rickets. Hoof growth can also be seriously affected, producing weak, unhealthy horn with a tendency to distortion and fissures.

This ability to stimulate the body’s response makes it useful in cases of chronic mastitis. For this reason I counsel caution in it blanket use for helping foot problems in herd (for which it is very useful), since this regime could awaken many cases of chronic, sub-clinical mastitis, causing an apparent mastitis storm.