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Sudden Illness

Image of Sudden Illness

Use this remedy for any illness that comes on suddenly, especially after cold weather. Great for helping situations of emotional stress

This remedy is suited to cases of sudden physical or mental shock, sudden or early fever, usually with anxiety, or conditions arising from chilling. It is also of use in cases of sudden, profuse, bright haemorrhage. Symptoms are usually permutations of any of the following: red, inflamed eyes with lacrimation; fluid, watery nasal discharge; tense, rapid pulse; urine retention and thirst.

The animal often displays shuddering or shivering in response to shock or fear. The remedy especially suits the animal which is robust in appearance and dynamic in action. Symptoms usually centre on the chest and are worse after cold wind exposure and worse at night, especially before midnight. Use this remedy in dramatic conditions, especially if the symptoms tend to create panic in the patient, yourself or other observers.