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Allergy Relief

Image of Allergy Relief

Our Allergy Relief remedy is an energy remedy that supports the body to deal with pollens, house dust, horse dander and reduces the side effects of some food allergies like sugar and wheat.

- Treats hayfever symptoms – sneezing, watery eyes, congestion, itching or burning eyes and throat.
- Hives
- May help with food allergies
- Muscle cramps or spasms
- Vertigo
- Twitching of eyelids, inflammation of eyes
- Ear pains
- Sore throat
- Hiccough
- Colic pain, constipation, flatulence, indigestion, bloating
- Tickling or spasmodic cough
- Sciatica pain
- Headaches
- Congested nasal passages

This remedy can be taken up to 6 times daily if necessary.

Image: Dropper 50ml