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Mastitis Relief / Congestion for women

Image of Mastitis Relief / Congestion for women

This remedy is useful in situations of milk fever, Pain in breasts at menstrual period, Breasts hot and Uncomfortable, Abscess of breast tissue, Menstrual irregularities combining with gastric symptoms, Inter menstrual pain, with great abdominal and pelvic soreness.

Great affinity for serous membranes, and its symptoms are all worse for movement. These two points are a good basic guide to its use in cattle. Suitable cases of dry hard cough, dry rubbing sounds from the chest on auscultation, dry mouth, copious thirst, painful swollen joints, mastitis, etc, all show the modality of being worse for movement. The pneumonia calf will stand while the others run past it, or it may lie on its more painful lung to restrict movement. The mastitis cow will stand while she is examined, despite her painful, swollen hard udder, or she may lie firmly on the affected quarter to limit movements. Her milk is usually diminished. Arthritic animals show hot, painful, swollen joints. All types of Bryonia illness see the animal lying down a great deal of the day in order to relieve the pain from movement.

Symptoms may be worse in warmer surroundings.

Dropper 50ml