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Livestock Bites

Image of Livestock Bites

Apply to dissipate the poison resulting from bites from other animals – ticks, spiders, mites, mosquitoes, etc. This remedy will also be of great assistance in the treatment of eye injuries.

This is our lead remedy in all bites and stings cases. It stops the pain and allows the poison to leave the system. It is great for removing mites that are living in the skin and resulting in unhealthy skin spots and itchy skin. Used in tick poisoning situations we find it allows the body to create a natural immunity to ticks in the future.

- Bites from insects, spiders and snakes
- Rheumatic pain
- Poison ivy type skin eruption
- Helps with vertigo
- Aching in ears
- Gout
- Anal fissures, haemorrhoids
- Deep tissue damage
- Swollen ankles, painful soles of feet
- Easily sprained ankles
- May help with eczema, itching of feet and ankles

This remedy is usually used for puncture wounds because of its ability to aid the healing of such wounds from the bottom upwards. It is reputed to have anti-tetanus properties, possibly for the same reason; it also appears to help oxygenation of cold, cyanotic areas around puncture wounds and contusions, and this may be its route to preventing tetanus. Eye ulcers also respond when caused by contusion or puncturing. Apart from this well-known indication, arthritic conditions can respond if the symptoms are worse for warmth. We have had great results using this remedy in the case of buffalo fly and tick poisoning, mites causing itching on the skin, etc.

50ml Sprayer