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Breeders Kit

Image of Breeders Kit

This is the Kit that will make a huge difference to the health and productivity of your breeding animals.

The amazing kit has come from 22 years of research into breeding stock animals like cows, sheep, horses, alpacas and domesticated animals.

This kit together with the Beginners Kit and the Extension Kit will give you the ability to help your animals in almost all situations.

This kit includes remedies Retained Placenta, Fertility, Bonding, Grief, Bone Knit and Mastitis.

The Breeders Kit will help you with issues like Eye Injuries, Retained Placenta, Ear discharges, Inflamed testicles, Fertility Problems, Unsettled offspring, Mothering issues, Poor digestion, Prolapsed uterus, Cystitis, Grief, Weaning, Bone repair, Ulcers, Liver conditions, Mastitis and much more.

Image: Droppers 50ml