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Hormone Balancer

Image of Hormone Balancer

Hormone Balancer helps with PMT – Premenstrual Syndrome, Period Pain, Re-balance Hormones for Ovulation and Menopausal Symptoms.

This great little remedy was developed out of necessity in our own family. My daughter and I turn into savage beasts when we are premenstrual. Taking this remedy daily in the week leading up to menstruation adjusts the hormones to keep the house calm and happy. Our teenage son made up a kit of his most used remedies and this has become our Teenage Survival Kit. To see more on this kit, click here.
This remedy has been used by many of our clients for different issues like – Premenstrual Tension (PMT), Menstruation pains and headaches, we have even had success with this remedy for management of menopause symptoms.

For people who are struggling to regulate their ovulation to get pregnant, this remedy will also help you there. If you have deeper issues that are preventing you from conceiving we offer specially designed healing plans to assist you and your partner in this area.