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Homeopathic Nosodes for Dogs

Image of Homeopathic Nosodes for Dogs

For any illness a homeopathic nosode can be created. The correct term for this process is Homœoprophylaxis. It is used to release the illness from the body and we recommend you use it:

1) regularly - fortnightly is good to keep any traces of the bacteria/virus out of the body.
2) when there is known exposure or an outbreak.

We currently make Homeopathic Nosodes for

- kennel cough
- parvovirus
- distemper
- heartworm
- leptosporosis
- canine hepatitis
- 3 blend remedy for kennel cough, parvovirus & distemper

This is a 25ml bottle with approximately 100 doses/bottle.

We can make up any nosode that is needed by request.