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Hibbertia Flower Essence

Image of Hibbertia Flower Essence

Hibbertia flower essence is for those who tend to have strong-willed personalities, and who are dominated by the intellectual mind. These people find it difficult to just BE. Inflexible with their ideas especially when engrossed in working, find it difficult to listen to or take notice of advice from others. Hibbertia essence is for remembering to breathe, relax and stop to “smell the roses” It allows you to enjoy the journey and not only aim for the final goal. It will allow you to connect with the intuitive side of your nature enabling you to be open to receive inner guidance and sensitivity, thus allowing you to see and honour the beauty of your personal self and your creativity. It will enable you to honour and love who you are. In so doing you are more able to honour and see the beauty within others, as well as within all that surrounds you on this beautiful Earth.