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Gallbladder & Heart Meridians Balancer

Image of Gallbladder & Heart Meridians Balancer

The Gallbladder Meridian - when this meridian is blocked it is often due to unhealthy eating, toxic overload or stress. Physical signs of this meridian being out of balance or blocked involve:
- Headaches
- Gas/ Bloating
- Bitter taste in mouth
- Sticky coating on tongue
- Pain between shoulder blades
- Intolerance of fatty foods
- Dizziness
- Nervousness
- Cramping of muscles from the wait down
- Blurred vision/ Cataracts/ Glaucoma

The Heart Meridian - Controls the blood, tongue, throat, sweat glands, facial complexion, adrenals, thyroid, prostate and pituitary gland. when this meridian is imbalanced you will notice:
- Shortness of breath
- Coldness in chest and limbs
- Palpitations
- Cold sweat
- Inability to speak
- Memory failure
- Restless sleep
- Depression
- Fear/ anxiety
- Hysteria/ Erratic behavior
- Alternating joy and melancholy
- Dullness
- Yearning for love
- Jealousy
- Sorrow

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