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Eye Abscess Assist

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Eye Abscess Assist is a great tool to treat eye irritations and abscesses in horses. Grass seeds, dust, hay or straw are common irritants for performance horses and work horses and without relief it can affect your horse in the short and long term.

Signs of eye irritation or abscess include:

- copious watery eye discharge
- aversion to sunlight
- excessive blinking
- reddening and swelling of the eyelids and the third eyelid.
- clouding of the eye, or
- ulcers

In a small number of untreated cases, ulceration may progress to abscess formation, with possible rupture of the cornea and permanent blindness. After recovery about 2% of affected eyes have a residual white scar on the cornea. An even smaller percentage progress to abscess formation.

At times it can be very hard to know if an infected animal is infected with bacteria or it just has a grass seed or dust in the eye. It is good to know that this remedy will work on both issues safely and effectively.

As the remedy takes effect you will see discharge from the eye as it clears. Give one dose and repeat in a week if necessary. The result is a clearing of the eye and return of vision.

Eye Abscess Assist remedy is great value with most cases only needing 1-2 doses. For your convenience this remedy comes in a 25ml spray ( approx. 125 doses ) or a 50ml spray (approx. 300 doses)

As with all our remedies the Eye Abscess Assist is a safe, natural option for horses. Save yourself time, money and your animals health and purchase today.

Natural Healing for Debbie's Family

Hi everyone my name is Debbie Davidge & I would like to tell you all about my journey along The Heal with Ease road.

When a friend of a friend had told me she was using Heal with Ease with her horses & herself. I purchased the breeders kit because we breed many polocrosse horses and at the time I felt I could have been wasting a lot of money on something that may not work, how wrong was I! My experience has been amazing!

In the last twelve months I have healed in my horses 3 badly ulcerated eyes, one was to the point of opaque white which I thought I would have had no hope with. I was sure the horse would be left blind in one eye but to my sheer pleasure she has made a full recovery & has full sight in the eye. Not once did I have to fight with a horse to put ointment in its eye NOT ONCE. All I had to do was a simple spray into the mouth of the horse once or twice a day & put on a fly veil to reduce the light.