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Dehorning and disbudding is a routine practice to reduce the risk of injury to other animals, and people while handling. Dehorning is the removal of the horn when formed, where disbudding is performed when the horn buds are between 5 and 10mm in length.

There are three commonly used techniques for dehorning cattle hot-iron disbudding, chemical disbudding (applying caustic paste) and amputation dehorning. These are undeniably painful procedures for cattle and will affect their behaviour and production. It'll cause,

An increase in:
- Head and tail shaking
- Flicking of the ears
- Ear flicking
- Kicking
- Scratching
- Plasma cortisol (associated with illness, trauma, fear, pain and stress)
- Salivary cortisol ( Indicator of endocrine, immunologic, inflammatory, infectious conditions)
- Heart and respiratory rate

A decrease in:
- Movement
- Feeding
- Ruminating
- Weight gain
Hot-iron Disbudding

Hot-iron disbudding causes damage to the skin around the horn buds and leaves a shallow wound.
Use this remedy along with the burn and accident remedies for this method.

Chemical Disbudding

Chemical disbudding can cause deep wounds in both the treated calf and others due to contact between it and others.
Use this remedy along with the poison and accident remedies for this method.

Amputation Dehorning

Amputation dehorning causes damage to the skin, bone, occasionally the frontal sinus, and causes profound and extensive lesions.
Use this remedy along with the accident remedy for this method.

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