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Image of Chamomilla

This is a lovely calming remedy. Particularly useful for children who are contrary - want things and then reject them when given. Whining restlessness. Child wants to be constantly carried and soothed, making it perfect for teething.

Sensitivity to pain, always complaining, spiteful, snappish.

Can also be of use in situations of:

- throbbing headache
- ringing in the ears with earache, ears feel blocked
- toothache
- sore throat with swollen glands
- nausea after eating
- distension of abdomen, griping, colicky pain
- haemorrhoids with painful fissures
- irritable cough, with rattling mucous in chest
- lumbago pain (hips and loins)
- stiffness of neck muscles
- rheumatic pains that stop sleeping

Available in 25ml and 50ml bottles (sprayer or dropper) or part of the make your own kit offer in 10ml drip bottle.

Image: Dropper 50ml