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Calming Stress Relief

Image of Calming Stress Relief

Stress can overwhelm and control our lives. This Calming Stress Relief remedy is great for taking back control and relieving stress. Signs that stress is taking control is:
- Consuming excessive amounts of caffeine and/or alcohol
- Easily susceptible to illness
- Restlessness
- Sensitivity
- Irritability
- Impatience
- Intolerance towards people/conversation
- Sensitivity to any amount of pain
- Being spiteful
- Anger or vexation
- Headaches/ weighty feeling on shoulder
- Indifference
- Morose/ delirium
- Nervousness
- Emotional exhaustion

This remedy will assist with all this and more, making your days calmer and easier and your nights stress free and filled with sleep.

Image: Dropper 50ml