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Bovine Respiratory Distress

Image of Bovine Respiratory Distress

Bovine Respiratory Distress is associated with disease or obstruction of the respiratory tract/airway. It is a leading cause of illness and death in cattle.

Bovine Respiratory Distress is affected in severity and symptoms by their circumstance and exposure. It isn't just from infectious agents such as bacteria, virus and Mycoplasma pathogens that can cause disease, it also needs a stressor. For example:
- Physical exertion
- Pain
- Trauma
- Severe systemic diseases
- Acidosis
- Pneumonia and other respiratory diseases
- Heat stress
- Bloat
- Hypoxia (exhaust fumes, toxins in food and used on cattle and environment)
- Stress (recent weaning, sale yards, transport, injuries, etc.)

Signs of respiratory distress include:
- Depression
- Lethargy
- Unwilling to move
- Extended head
- Droopy ears
- Partially-lidded eyes
- Nasal, ocular or oral discharge
- Coughing
- Laboured or rapid shallow breathing
- Emaciation
- Elevated temperature
- Drooling
- Death

Use this remedy at first signs of respiratory distress and others (such as bloat, accident or pain relief depending of symptoms and cause) to aid with a quick recovery.

50ml Sprayer