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Bloat in Cattle

Image of Bloat in Cattle

Bloat is the accumulation of gas build-up within the rumen (paunch), which can develop between less than an hour to a day when introduced into a high-risk paddock.

Bloat is caused by high consumption of legumes (lucerne and clovers), low fibre components, high rations of grain in feed, young growing ryegrass species, high soluble proteins, etc.

Symptoms include:
- Distension of left abdomen
- Agitation
- Vocalisation of pain
- Rubbing against objects
- Reluctance to move
- Bulging eyes
- Difficulty to urinate and defecate
- Breathing rapidly
- Mouth open with tongue protruding
- Staggering
- Sudden death from the swollen rumen compressing the lungs and obstructing breathing and blood flow.

Use this remedy at the first sign of bloat. It will assist with releasing the pressure build-up.

50ml Sprayer