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Beginners Kit

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Are you looking for a way to help your family (including your precious animals) with day to day issues at home, simply and easily? Without toxin, chemicals, medication?

Energy remedies were the answer for us and they can help you too.

The Heal with Ease Beginners Kit has been with us since the first day we started trading. It is a kit with the top 6 remedies we found we were using regularly.

There are remedies in here to help with:

* Accidents - shock, physical trauma, concussion, muscle and tendon injury, bruising, post surgery, dental visit, chiropractic treatment recovery.

* Infection - clear infection, help with nerve damage, puncture woulds. Combined with the bites remedy for tetanus.

* Poison - gastric problems (vomiting, diarrhea), poisoning.

* Fever - colic, convulsions, fever, pain, swelling, inflammation, heat stroke, hot swollen joints.

* Bites - conjunctivitis, eye injuries, poisonous bites, mosquito and sand fly bites, combined with infection remedy for tetanus.

* Abscess - abscesses, rickets, splinters or foreign object release, helps when nutrition uptake is impaired.

Cost starts at $100 plus postage.

(pictured is 50ml bottle - $200 for this Beginners Kit)