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Weaning Remedy

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Weaning of babies and supporting mum after weaning are vital for the emotional health of both.

Best results are achieved by separating both mum and baby/ies for a period to allow them to feel this emotional stress/grief state. Give one dose at this point and then again the following day.

Weaning is the process of gradually introducing a mammal infant to what will be its adult diet and withdrawing the supply of its mother's milk.

The process takes place only in mammals, as only mammals produce milk. The infant is considered to be fully weaned once it no longer receives any breast milk (or bottled substitute).


We have been using the weaning remedy for several years now and I wouldn't wean anything without it. The cows and the calves all get treated at weaning time in the yards, the cows get taken away, the calves still get sooky and call for mum, that's just natural, but they are much less stressed and usually settle well. Occassionally you will get the odd drama baby that has spent its life sooking anyway and by the second night if they are still a bit noisy I just shut them out of the water yard for a few hours, then take down some mixed up weaning remedy put it in the water trough swirl it around, then let them back in for a drink and they treat themselves. Easy. After that they are usually that quiet they can be turned out into the paddock looking for grass instead of stressing over mum. We also use it for the ewe's and lambs, also weaning puppies or even for new animals to help them settle in better as they are probably still grieving from when they were weaned.

The remedies are very easy to use, we just mix it up in either a spray bottle or a squirty drink bottle or even a syringe (without needle of course). Just 6 - 8 drops in about 500 ml of water and give it a good shake and if only treating one animal just 2 drops in a bit of water and either squirt it onto their nose or on the skin under the tail. For small animals or horses I just put it into their mouth no problem at all. I highly recommend Heal With Ease products and services, our animals and our family are so much healthier since using these wonderful natural remedies and no nasty chemicals or side affects.

From M. Retallack, Nullamanna, NSW

We have been using Heal with Ease products for 6 years and are very satisfied customers. I purchased the breeders kit in the beginning and it has proven to be a very valuable asset to our herd health program. We have weaned our calves for the last 6 years with their products and it has become a natural part of what we do. I believe that our weaners are less stressed and therefore wean quicker and calmer and they appear to have better overall health. We have currently started our own small feedlot and I am confident to say that our cattle are healthy due to the products from Heal with Ease. As a beef producer I am passionate about taking care of our cattle and Heal with Ease has provided me with the resources I need to take care of the needs of the cattle so they can perform to their best of their ability.

If there is any uncertainty of choosing to add this to the routine you already have I would recommend you try it. It can be implemented into your operation with ease and you will see the results for yourself. I am going to emphasize that the process is simple and there is no need to change your operation but when your livestock become healthier you will discover that there is a healthier way to handle your cattle with very little cost and great gain.

From Nancy Dent, Wallabadah NSW