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Horse All Wormer

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Horse Allwormer – Parasites like worms, ticks, buffalo flies, etc will generally target the weaker animals. Horses with low immune systems from frequent medications, surgery, illness, constant chemical exposure will generally have a weakened immune system. There is a few problems with the current form of worming horse and animals generally.

1. If the body already has a weakened immune system then adding more toxins to the body in the form of worming pastes, etc is only going to weaken the immune system further.

2. We are finding more and more often that the worms are evolving to become resistant to the chemicals in the current worming products. This results in people giving the worming product more frequently which results in a faster reduction in the animals immune system and speeding up the resistance in the worms.

3. Any body is able to store the memory of a past event. So if the cellular memory of a body still thinks it has worms, it will continue to react as if worms are still present. The energy remedy can release that cellular memory.

Horse worm symptoms

General lack of health
Dull hair coat that doesn’t shed
Weight loss
Poor hoof condition
Frequent colic
Cough or nasal discharge

Our energy worming remedy helps and assists the body to naturally expel the worms while creating a stronger immune system.

All wormer for Horses – use this remedy weekly to assist the body to dispel any worms and build up a resistance to worms in the future.